The right dose of change

Humans need change. Room for development of individuals and organisations is needed In increasingly complex systems.

Facing the change - structures have to be created to enable new ways of discovery of agility and well being at work. Knowing the risks is a prerequisite.

Models & Methods

Combine reliable procedures with modern strategies for risk control.


The appropriate use of technologies is a key factor to reach societal goals.

Research & Development

A new agile European research strategy for work and health is on the rise.



Progress is more than risk

For every human being, for every organisation, for every institution there is an idea of progress.

The HERIVIS model serves as "solution finder". Which innovative process, which innovative technology is the right for me?


Implementation of new processes, structures and technologies.


Use of technologies, such as wie sensors and software modules (Things).


Structured services for health, quality and working system design.

Co-create social innovation

The KOHS is involved in social innovation at European level focusing on research and development to enable transformation of health and care systems.